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Raw brand Disinfecting Wipes - 110 sheets (pack of 6) (In Stock)

$23.95 $28.58

In stock today. Dispatched by UPS tomorrow.

Please follow the link below to view and download the datasheet.


Product Details:

These antibacterial disposable wipes are instant soap-free cleanser that require no rinsing off. This is a non-sticky, fast, easy, and convenient way to clean your hands, equipment, and surfaces. Powerful against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, yet gentle with sensitive equipment. These wipes are suitable for surface cleaning of household items, toys, computer screens, keyboards, mice, tv’s, car interiors, kitchens, bathrooms, gyms and most frequent touch surfaces. Made with Aloe.

Active Ingredients:

Non—woven Spunlace, 75%(v/v) ethyl alcohol, purified water, fragrance.
Shelf life: 3 Years

Technical Details:

Ingredients Ethyl Alcohol 75% (v/v)
Purpose Antimicrobial. External use on skin only
Inactive Ingredients Purified water. Glycerol. Aloe Vera
Color Clear
wipes qty. I wipes size 110 pcs I 5.9" x 7.9'(150mm x 178mm) each
Store Temperature Store in a cool, dry place, below 43°C / 110°F
Tub Net Weight 1 Lbs 4.82 (580g)
Health Hazards If swallowed, obtain medical attention immediately. Flammable


Shipping Details:

  • Comes in cartons of 6 Tubs
  • 110 wipes per Tub
  • Made in China




Shipping & Dimensions :

Pack Size : 8.5 x 12.8 x 8.4 in, 10.18 lbs
Master Carton Size : 20.5 x 12.5 x 14.5 in, 50.9 lbs
Units Per Box : 6
Units Per Master Carton : 30 (5 inner boxes)
Units Per Pallet :  840
Units Per Container : 16,800
Recycled Content: 0% Greenhouse Gas Decrease: 0 lbs